On June 29 of 2022, NFT space enthusiast SrPeters decides to launch a satirical collection that “ridicules” NFTs called God Hates NFTees, thus taking inspiration from the hilarious march that took place in New York. What happened next is history.


It is not enough to be an enthusiast. The Cult brings together excellence among excellence. Originally handpicked, cult members are the most proactive people willing to build, collect and live experiences in the most creative and dynamic way possible.



900 of the 1,000 NFTs that make up the DVDA collection; The Cult is formed by Diamond Hands from GodHatesNFTees, a community driven project governed by DAO where the community itself takes the reins of the project.
In the Cult, we believe in the power of the collective intelligence; many degenerates connecting their brains and contributing will make us go as far as we want.

That our community is one of the most active and strong in the NFT space is a fact. People lie, numbers don’t. Without any influencer or personality behind the project, we built an incredible diverse and multi-cultural group from all over the globe who have bonded over a shared interest in Web3. For dozens of hours a day in Twitter Spaces, beautiful friendships have been formed and there is nothing more satisfying than the uniqueness of our community.


Everyone knows that Sr Peters likes to underpromise and overdeliver.

In our community it is ridiculous to talk about a roadmap, let’s leave those things for the projects that make Rug Pull 😂.

In #GodHatesNFTees ecosystem, the community is the one who decides what is done, with whom it is done and how it is done.Therefore, instead of mentioning a list of false promises, we prefer to share our values more:

  1. Drink milk with cat food
  2. Troll fudders
  3. NFT traders become NFT collectors
  4. Solve world-class problems
  5. Share degen experiences
  6. Sexual courses
  7. Whitelist for some sh#t projects
  8. Ugly sweater parties
  9. Teach you to not be dumby scammed in NFT Space
  10. Omega group
  11. Virtual events and tournaments
  12. Community wallet managed by DAO (10 % Royalties)
  13. Degentank / NFT  launchpad platform with full team support
  14. Collabs with artists
  15. Reverse the FUD into HYPE
  16. Transform Haters into Fans

We can mention 100 more points, but at the end of the day, the most important thing is that people with the right intention are inside.
Everything that the community proposes will be carried out. That’s how we are at The Cult.


distribution & mint

DVDA: The Cult is a FREE MINT to create a private group of Diamond Hands & supporters of GodHatesNFTees.

This project has a supply of 1.000 NFTs, which 900 of them will be for holders, and the remaining ones will be for marketing, giveaways…


Minting dates &  information for DVDA:

  • Whitelist Minting: Friday, September 2 2022, 2 PM EST. Max minting: 1 NFT/Wallet.


  • Public Minting: Monday, 5 September 2022, 2 PM EST. Requires to have 1 GodHatesNFTees & 2 ApeHaterClub NFTs in the wallet. Max minting: 1 NFT/Wallet.


join the club now 👀